Business contents of the Daisosha

Business contents

Publishing agency
Multilingual publishing agency for Taiwanese and Japanese markets.
Multilingual web production:Daisosha Web Design Portfolio
Design and coding for websites into multilingual versions.
Smartphone website production
Website or LP productions with Wix.
Website or LP productions with WordPress.
Image processing, banner and page production.
Production of various fliers.
Website registration:China
Consultation for site operation and marketing.
Ebook publishing, self-publishing
Sales of self-published books online.
Translation buisness
We accept translation job orders (Chinese, Japanese and English).
Intermediary services
On-demand intermediary services for food and accessories etc.

Estimation from placing orders to actual processing and Work process

Order Process
①Order from inquiry form.
②Conclude business contract.
④Pay the production cost.
Working process
WEB Production: 1 week ~
Business Translation: 1 hour ~
Book translation: 1 month ~
About ordering WEB production
①Based on good sense of society, we accept only things without illegality.
②If there is something you want to put about materials such as photos and images to put on the site or blog, I hope you can send it when you place an order and at any time.
③For texts to be posted on the site or blog, please send it at the time of ordering, as it can be a tatami stone as well as service contents, commodity fee, features etc.
④If you wish to open a net shop on WIX, please note that the WIX system monthly fee of 1700 yen will be charged separately.
⑤Basically we will not accept requests for "Competition" ceremonies that submit design proposals before requesting. We can submit a collection of works including design examples and previous works, so please tell us if you wish.
⑥The meeting is basically done by e-mail.
⑦If you wish to have a long term contract, you will have to sign a contract.
⑧Consultation for site operation and marketing.
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